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You use your feet every single day, so there is a great chance of hurting them. One of the most common wounds that happen to feet are ulcers, which are open sores in the skin. These occur when the outer layers of the skin are injured and the deeper tissues become exposed, and can be caused by excess pressure due to ill-fitting shoes, long periods in bed or after an injury that breaks the skin. Ulcers are commonly seen in patients living with diabetes, neuropathy or vascular disease, and can put patients at increased risk of developing infection in the skin and bone.

The signs and symptoms of ulcers may include drainage, odor or red, inflamed or thickened tissue, and may not always be painful. Ulcers are treated by removing the unhealthy tissue and performing local wound care to assist in healing, and special shoes or padding may be also used to remove excess pressure on the area.

Patients who suffer from diabetes are prone to having foot problems, often because of nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor circulation. Some of the foot and leg problems include infections and ulcers that do not heal, corns and calluses, dry or cracked skin, nail disorders, Charcot foot, poor blood flow and hammertoes/bunions.

There are many at-home proactive measures patients can take to reduce complications, including inspecting your feet daily, not ignoring leg pain, properly trimming your nails, wearing shoes at all times, and having your circulation and sense of feeling tested. However, seeing your podiatrist is always a part of the equation.

Your podiatrist’s main goal it to help wounds heal and prevent amputation, so make sure you see your doctor as soon as you notice any changes in your feet. Many new surgical techniques are available to save feet and legs, including joint reconstruction and wound healing technologies, and your podiatrist will exercise these techniques so get you back on your feet.

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