We specialize in Wound Care and major Limb Salvage with unmatched physician experience

Our doctors can perform all the necessary treatments for wound care, including offloading techniques that are not available at other wound care centers. If you suffer from a wound that will not heal, let us know and we can help you recover and focus on the underlying cause while taking preventative measures.

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    Get superior Foot & Ankle care for all lower extremity pains

    Not only is the team at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists able to accurately diagnose your foot or ankle problems in our offices, but they are also well equipped with the necessary resources to treat your ailment all in one place. Upon doctor consultation, the objective is to treat your pain with conservative methods first, however, our team is highly trained in the latest procedures and surgical interventions to get you on the path to healing.

    Wound Care Comprehensive Approach

    See the benefits of a Comprehensive Wound Care Approach

    No longer is it necessary for patients with multiple related medical conditions to bounce between multiple practices, an imaging center, and a hospital for care of these complicated conditions. In one practice, we provide all of the state-of-the-art ancillary services necessary for wound care and limb salvage including MRI, CT, advanced diagnostic ultrasound imaging, nerve pharmacy, limb salvage surgery, and outpatient procedures.

    Avoid risks associated with Foot Amputation, consult with our specialists about alternative treatments!

    Our unique approach to comprehensive wound care is a road to success to prevent leg amputation. Our specialists stress on adequate blood flow, diet, managing diabetes along with regular local wound care so it can promote wound healing. The longer the wound remains open, the greater the risk of infection. Therefore, it is essential to regularly follow up with your podiatrist and manage your wounds so you are back on your feet quickly.

    100 Years of
    Combined Experience

    (17 Locations | 17 Doctors)

    The team of specialized doctors perform all foot, ankle, lower leg care, along with bunion surgery and foot pain procedures. From the unique to the standard issues, we handle it all with excellent results!

    All Insurances

    (100 Percent Convenience)

    All offices accept insurance plans, and other financing options and convenient payment schedules to allow you to receive the treatment you need, when you need it.

    Patient Testimonials

    Cheryl Payne

    five stars rating

    Dr Desimone and staff are the best ! I can’t thank them enough for taking care of my husband. Highly recommend for any foot and ankle issues

    Caroline Heuermann

    five stars rating

    Caring staff, efficient front office folks, and of course the best of all, a great dr! Dr. Felipe Peterson,DPM is a great listener, very thorough and caring. He had great credentials as well. And a beautiful office to boot! 🙂

    David Monroe

    five stars rating

    I saw Dr Terol at that Fort Myers Office . She is very knowledgeable and was is patient and listens to what I was having issues with which was a wound on my toe. Since I’m diabetic I have to be really careful.

    Daisy Betancourt

    five stars rating
    Dr. Ortiz was extremely kind and patient with my daughter. He explained everything well and ensured I understand her issue. Medical assistant Frank and Kaili were also extremely nice and patient with my daughter.

    Why choose Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists?

    Largest podiatry group in South-East Florida.
    Advanced in-house diagnostics and imaging options.
    Treats the underlying cause of wound so it will not come back.
    Hospital-level solutions and services at a lower cost with better outcomes.
    Our multi-specialty group of doctors and surgeons are experts, innovators, and educators across fields.
    Can treat any and all foot, ankle and lower leg conditions in-house.

    Our multi-specialty team of physicians have more than 100 years of combined experience

    With the complete integration of Podiatrists, foot and ankle surgeons, wound care specialists, and ancillary service providers, we are able to provide focused continuity of care for patients, all under one roof.

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