Core Values/Beliefs

  1. We promote EXCEPTIONALISM in everything we do.
    1. EXCEPTIONAL patient care
    2. EXCEPTIONAL patient experience
    3. EXCEPTIONAL attention to patient’s needs
    4. EXCEPTIONAL connection with our patients
    5. EXCEPTIONAL Action taken and Effort made to meet our patients needs

We like to hear patients say My experience here was EXCEPTIONAL. I never expected you to go to that length to help me

  1. We Put Patients First
    1. We treat all patients with the same Exceptional care, regardless of Insurance, Social Status, Race, Nationality, Religion, Etc
    2. We Personalize Patient Care, based on the individual patient’s needs
    3. We provide the care needed regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.
  1. Perseverance in all we do – We do not take no for an answer when it comes to:
    1. Advocating for our patients care and well being
    2. Negotiating with Vendors and other business associates
    3. Advancing our practice and our profession
  1. We foster a Family Environment
    1. We take care of each other like family
    2. We encourage personal growth and advancement within the company
    3. We work as a TEAM Nothing is Not my Job
    4. We take Pride in Our Company, Our Mission and Each Other


To actively Improve the Quality of Life for our Patients, Our Team and our Community.

Brand Promise

The absolute Best and most comprehensive Experience in Foot and Ankle care.

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Office Hours
Monday Through Friday
8.a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday hours available

Main Office:
1601 Clint Moore Road, #130
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 995-0229


Boca Raton office:
1601 Clint Moore Road, # 130
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 995-0229



Boynton Beach office:
7730 Boynton Beach Blvd.
Suite 7

Boynton Beach, FL 33437
(561) 369-2199



Ft. Lauderdale office:
2737 E. Oakland Park Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306
(954) 561-3338



West Palm Beach office:
1521 Forest Hill Blvd.
Suite 4

Lake Clarke Shores, FL 33406
(561) 357-9330



Coral Springs office:
5441 N. University Drive, #102
Coral Springs, FL 33067
(954) 753-3030



Palm City office:
2664 SW Immanuel Drive
Palm City, FL 34990
(772) 288-3338


Coconut Creek office:
4879 Coconut Creek Parkway
Coconut Creek, FL 33063
(954) 979-0505