Vein Care

Vein Care

Vein care is a vital part of your overall health care. Your veins can indicate specific heath issues that may need to be addressed before they progress and cause more serious problems in the future. There are several common types of vein conditions we typically address that stem from improper function of vein valves, known as venous insufficiency. Those conditions include spider veins, varicose veins, leg swelling or vein ablation. The experts at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists are highly trained in venous insufficiency and are equipped with the most advanced treatment technology in the region. Dr. Raudel Garcia - MD, RPVI, RPHS - is the only Fellowship trained Phlebologist in South Florida and he is available to address any and all vein care needs at all of our Certified Foot locations.

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Vein Care Specialist (phlebologist)

As a Vein Care Specialist (phlebologist), Dr. Garcia focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders, including spider veins, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, venous leg ulcers, congenital venous abnormalities, venous thromboembolism and other disorders of venous origin.

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Varicose Veins are large, bulbous veins which can appear anywhere in the body but typically show up in the legs and feet. They are extremely common, affecting approximately 18% of men and 42% of women in the US. Varicose veins are the result of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, which is due to underlying venous reflux.

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Radiofrequency (RF) Vein Ablation

Is a condition that results in swelling of the lower legs and is a result of underlying 'venous reflux'. This means that the blood is circulating from your heart, through the arteries down to your feet, but is not returning up through the veins as well as it should.

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