Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment – Ask Your Doctor

Treating peripheral neuropathy using nerve decompression can provide relief to the large group of people who suffer. Learn more by watching this informative video from Dr. Kyle Kinmon as he explains this exciting update and service provided by the doctors at Certified Foot and Ankle specialists.

One Patient’s Experience with Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

Physicians at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, like Dr. Kyle Kinmon, treat more than just your foot, ankle and lower leg ailments by diagnosing any underlying conditions that could be causing your issues, such as peripheral vascular disease.

Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) | Information from a Leading Expert on the Procedure

Dr. Kyle Kinmon, the founder of Certified Foot an Ankle Specialists, is here to talk about Total Ankle Replacement. The industry has come along way in the last decade and the procedure is now much successful than ever. Dr. Kinmon is an expert in total ankle replacement and he was the first in Palm Beach County to complete the procedure.