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Limb Salvage Program

Limb Salvage Preservation Program

Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists LLC has evolved into providing unprecedented comprehensive care for lower extremity wounds and limbs at risk for amputation. Conditions treated under this program include all types of lower extremity wounds and related diseases, including venous stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, ischemic wounds, neuropathic ulcers and those related to deformities such as Charcot joint disease, including full vascular and orthopedic reconstruction and limb salvage surgery.

Comprehensive Care from One Dedicated Podiatry Practice

With the complete integration of podiatrists, foot and ankle surgeons, wound care specialists, and ancillary service providers such as our renowned Interventional cardiologist fellowship trained in peripheral vascular disease, physical medicine, interventional radiology, family practice, pain and rehab, neurology, dermatopathology, dieticians, pedorthists and nurse practitioners, we are able to provide focused continuity of care for these high-risk patients considering limb salvage surgery.

No longer is it necessary for patients with multiple related medical conditions to bounce between multiple practices, an imaging center and a hospital for care of these complicated conditions. In one practice, we provide all of the state of the art ancillary services necessary for wound care and limb salvage including MRI, CT, custom shoe gear and bracing, advanced diagnostic ultrasound imaging, arterial and venous ultrasound, nerve conduction studies, pharmacy, limb salvage surgery and even an out patient procedure suite for interventional treatment of peripheral vascular disease and other conditions. We also offer free transportation, wheel chair ready, for existing patients to and from their appointments.

Treating the Underlying Cause of Chronic Foot, Ankle or Leg Pain

No longer is it necessary for critical days or weeks to pass while communication related to these complex patients is haphazardly conveyed from specialist to specialist. Our team of providers all share the same electronic health records and are able to access each other’s notes, images and reports real time, from any location and are in daily communication with each other.

limb salvage surgery

No longer is it necessary for patients to sort through bills from multiple practice entities. All of our billing is centralized in one location and can be discussed with a single phone call to our local business office. All related health and financial records can be accessed in one place on our user-friendly patient portal.

As always, these services will be provided with the same level of compassionate care, relentless pursuit of excellent results and extreme patient convenience on which Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists was built. Our providers remain actively engaged in education within and outside of this community and vow to provide the most up-to-date effective treatments available. While this program is the first of its kind of which we are aware, we anticipate that it will become the new standard of Excellence going forward, and we are happy to bring it to the communities in which we serve.


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