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Wound Care

Foot Wound Care

A large part of podiatry involves foot and ankle wound care and complicated limb salvage surgeries to save a person’s leg and quality of life. As specialists in every area below the knee, we can treat many types of wounds right here in our clinics. Foot, ankle and leg wound care involves a few different things including cleaning wounds, applying wound care products to promote and sometimes even performing surgery to heal a foot wound. The real challenge is treating the underlying cause of the wound. Often times there are several aspects to address when it comes to successful wound care.

Limb salvage surgery is a special area of podiatry dedicated to saving legs and promoting a better quality of life. Unfortunately, these cases are usually complicated by severe infection or deformity making them challenging surgeries.

  • Many times, a vascular specialist or vein specialist joins the effort and helps tremendously with ankle, leg and foot wound care by addressing blood flow.
  • If pressure is the cause for the wound, there are many devices to take the pressure off the wound and promote faster healing.
  • Infection may be another reason for slow wound healing, which may need to be treated with antibiotics or sometimes even surgery to cure the infection.
  • Neuropathy, or a loss of feeling in the feet, can lead to wounds that require expert wound care by foot and ankle specialists.
  • Wounds that are slow to heal should be biopsied to evaluate for possible skin cancer which may need to be treated or removed.
  • Diabetics are at very high risk for complicated foot wounds and infections. They should be monitored closely and have regular foot checks by a foot and ankle specialist. Special diabetic shoes and inserts should also be employed as an excellent way to prevent wounds.
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The goal is to preserve the foot, ankle and leg, if possible ,as long as the overall health of the person is not at risk. These difficult surgeries often require planning and teamwork with other specialists for the best outcomes. Most people are able to save their limb and function after these complex procedures. Many people who require limb salvage surgery are diabetic so it is important to follow-up with foot and ankle specialists for preventive foot care and regular check-ups.


What starts as a small foot wound, can quickly become a major infection so it is important to be diligent and see your doctor for care when necessary. If you have a wound that needs to be addressed, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our board-certified podiatrists today! 1-855-550-FEET.

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