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Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

“Onychomycosis” is a fungal infection that attacks your nail plate
and nail bed in your fingers or toes causing yellow, white or brown
discoloration, thickening, brittleness and cracking of the nail. It is
most often caused by a fungus called a Dermatophyte, but can also result
from mold and yeast.

Onychomycosis is contagious,
It will not go away on its own AND It will spread to other toes if left untreated.

Affecting nearly 20% of the US population between the ages of 40-60,
the incidence of Onychomycosis is increasing worldwide, and especially
in South Florida. The fungi that cause onychomycosis thrive in warm and
moist places, such as showers and pools.

It is more than a simple cosmetic problem. The fungal nail infection
may result in pain, athlete’s foot infection, and secondary bacterial
infections such as abscess or cellulitis, especially in immune
compromised patients such as Diabetics or the elderly. It also may
produce an odor. Further there may be significant psychological
implications such as embarrassment of the appearance of the unsightly
nails, withdraw from certain social settings and fear of intimacy. If
you believe you may have a fungal nail infection, you should see your
foot and ankle specialist. The diagnosis should be confirmed by a
painless nail biopsy and over the counter treatment options are not as
effective as those provided by Physicians.

Professional treatment options include:
Topical treatments, which
whether prescription or over the counter, require 6-12 months of
diligent application and their effectiveness is poor.
Oral prescription medication which has been reported to cause liver damage.
Surgical removal of the nail which is somewhat painful and presents risks associated with minor surgical procedures.

Laser Treatment

The Cool Breeze Laser is the newest, safest, painless FDA approved method of treatment. It is:
Safer than Oral Medications
More Effective than Topical MedicationMuch l
ess painful than surgical removal, and
Quicker and Easier than them all.

How does it work?

The Cool Breeze laser can effectively rid your nails of the unsightly
fungus infection in as little as 1 – 2 painless treatments, depending
on the severity of your condition. The mid wavelength infrared light
penetrates the nail, heating the organism and the tissues, eliminating
the destructive fungus that causes the infection and revitalizes your
nail as it grows out.
The nails will be cleansed and trimmed before
treatment. As each nail is treated, a warming sensation will be noticed
followed by a burst of cooling spray. The Cool Breeze Laser is the only
device whose hand-piece monitors the temperature of the nail to avoid
over heating the tissue. The treatment will take 15 minutes or so to
treat all 10 nails. Simple post treatment instructions will be provided
to prevent recurrent infection. You may return to normal activity and
shoes immediately, including pedicures and polish. You will notice
improvement in the appearance of the nails within 2-4 months as clear
nail plate begins to grow at the bottom portion of the nail.
Occasionally additional treatments may be recommended in severe cases.

Cool Breeze is an effective, non-invasive safe, quick treatment that
provides good results. The manufacturer of the Laser is a pioneer in the
laser industry, with over 16 years of experience in the medical and
surgical arena. The physicians and surgeons at Certified Foot and Ankle
Specialists are educators and leaders in their field of foot and ankle
surgery. On staff at multiple area hospitals, Board Certified and well
respected locally and nationally amongst their peers in the medical

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