Dr. Radu Purtuc

Dr. Purtuc is a Board Certified Podiatrist who specializes in Foot and Ankle Surgery. He has acquired experience through Henry Ford Health System in Michigan. He treats Forefoot and Rearfoot pathologies with the added credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot / Ankle Surgery Training.


He received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Rosalind Franklin University at Chicago, Illinois. There he trained side by side with Chicago Medical School student doctors. He concluded his medical school training by attending sixteen-month-long clerkship/internship rotations at different residency programs around the nation, including: Utah Salt Lake City Intermountain Center renown for its high surgical volume residency program and extensive biomechanics teaching methodologies, several Chicago Veteran Affairs Centers with inherited wide range of exposure to our military members and their families, many top Surgical Residencies in Michigan, and also similar locations in DeKalb Georgia responsible for monthly educational and cadaveric surgical workshops attracting national and international surgeons, and lastly South Bend Indiana Forefoot and Rearfoot high volume surgical residency program.

Succeeding his extensive Three-Years surgical residency training at a Henry Ford Health System Hospital and its affiliated clinics, he gained Half a Dozen years of incredible wealth of experience while expanding on his commitment to help answer the demands from his community. Meanwhile, Dr. Purtuc developed a genuine interest for delicate plastic surgery influence in his surgical practice ranging from skin grafting, bilobed full thickness flaps closures, nontraumatic amputation complex surgical repairs including full thickness flap transpositions, and lower extremity melanoma treatment via soft tissue and bone resections with grafting and assisted Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

“Educate to Elevate” is a common theme in his surgical practice, and Dr. Purtuc’s desire to educate prompted him to stay with his residency program and become one of the highly motivated contributing attendings instructing and mentoring many of the incoming residency podiatric doctors. He went on to be on staff across four hospitals in his large network of interprofessional doctors, and participate in two residency programs simultaneously while starting an associate position in private practice. As far as the pursuit of Continuing Education, he keeps abreast new and innovative procedures and technologies, always looking for customization of surgical tools or creating new products to help improve surgery outcomes or cut back on surgical times, which ultimately benefits the patient’s outcome and satisfaction. Soon he may be looking to put some of his long standing ideas into practice and plan to hold patents in the industry.

However, his love for podiatry and pursuit of happiness superseded the hardships and difficult time thrown in his direction. Ultimately, Dr. Purtuc transplanted to Vero Beach, Florida, where he joined forces and direction with Dr. Kinmon and his Associates at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Dr. Purtuc is trained in all facets of foot and ankle pathologies, ranging from preventative diabetic managed-care of lower extremities, Charcot arthritides, complex ingrown infections, warts lesions, vascular or diabetic ulcers, Flat Foot or Cavus High Arch Foot management, foot and ankle joint arthritis, foot and ankle blunt trauma (sprains, fractures, high velocity or low velocity blunt injuries) and elective reconstruction surgeries including minimally invasive surgeries. His areas of expertise also include complex traumatic salvage procedures, complex plastics wound closures and complex wounds care, painless injections, office procedures (Fractures Closed Reductions, I&D Abscess/Foreign Body, Surgical Matrixectomies, Percutaneous Hammertoe Correction, Skin and Soft tissue Biopsies, Joint and Soft Tissue Injections, Application of Total Contact Cast/ Weight Bearing Cast/ Jones Splints, Surgical Debridement, Wart Chemical or Surgical Excisions, Biologics and Stem Cells Injections, Venous Hypertensive wounds management, etc). He is proficient in traumatic Achilles Tendon Rupture repair, Metatarsal fractures repair, Toe fractures repair, Ankle Fractures repair, and other ligamentous reconstructive surgeries.

Dr. Purtuc has received numerous accolades from many of his patients and interprofessional colleagues (hospitalists, plastics surgeons, interventional cardiologists, radiologists, infection disease, family doctors, and podiatrists alike), including Diabetic patients with multiple comorbidities, who are now continuing on their productive lives. When it comes to surgical planning, he uses a careful selection process for any of his elective surgical cases to ensure utmost success and satisfaction across the board. With that in mind, he welcomes second opinions and other interprofessional input to contribute to final successful plan ensuring a safe and excellent non surgical, surgical and holistic outcomes.

Dr. Purtuc takes pride to help patients understand their podiatric medical condition(s) as well as their treatment options. He provides the knowledge needed to make smart decisions about surgical podiatric care, while making his patients experience the highest standards of care in the medical and surgical field.

Finally, Dr. Purtuc welcomes the tropical climate of Vero Beach area. Here, Dr. Purtuc is planting his roots helping patients live pain-free and happier lives treating a multitude of lower extremity pathologies or symptoms. His favorite quote to this day remains:

“The good physician treats the disease; The great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” —Sir William Osler


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Dr. Radu Purtuc