Conservative Treatment

When non-surgical methods have been exhausted but surgical methods aren’t necessary, EPAT treatment can be used for heel pain, achilles tendonitis and other muscle and tendon pain. EPAT is Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology and is an FDA-approved, highly effective, non-invasive, in-office treatment method that accelerates healing of injured tissues.

EPAT uses acoustic pressure waves that are delivered through the body and focused on the site of pain/injury with a special applicator. These pressure waves stimulate the metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate the healing process. This treatment has a proven track record of effectiveness that is equal to or better than traditional conservative and surgical treatment options.

The actual treatment takes about five to 10 minutes and a series of three to five sessions are needed. Most patients can expect to experience relief after just three sessions and about 80 percent of patients reported to be pain free and/or have significant pain reduction.

EPAT can be used to treat many painful soft tissue injuries including plantar fasciitis (heel pain or heel spur syndrome), achilles tendonitis, tendon insertional pain (pump bump, Haglunds Deformity), acute and chronic muscle pain, and myofascial trigger points.

Great office, great doctors, great staff. I am a competitive USTA tennis player and needed custom orthotics for my shoes. Dr. Kinmon and his staff did a fantastic job of evaluating my condition, suggested a custom sport orthotic, and made molds of my feet. I made a follow-up appointment to pick up the orthotics and was very happy with the quality. This office is very nice and I was seen within a few minutes of my appointment time. Highly recommend!

Stephen S.

Dr. Kinmon is an awesome doctor. He is very knowledgeable, concerned about his patients’ well-being, and is the best in his industry. He listens and answers all of your questions, and I’ll highly recommend him. The staff is also amazing and super friendly.


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