Core Values – Beliefs

Core Values/Beliefs

  • I – Inspire – Positively Influence Everyone
  • C – Compassion – All Patients’ Needs First
  • A – Attitude – Positive Family Environment
  • R – Relentlessness – ‘Can’t’ is Not An Option
  • E – Exceptionalism – Better Than Expected


​To Actively Actively Improve the Quality for our Patients, Our Team and Our Community.

Brand Promise

​The Absolute Best Experience in Foot and Ankle Care.

We Put Patients First

  • We treat all patients with the same Exceptional care, regardless of Insurance, Social Status, Race, Nationality, Religion, Etc
  • We Personalize Patient Care, based on the individual patient’s needs
  • We provide the care needed regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Perseverance in all we do. We do not take no for an answer when it comes to:

  • Advocating for our patients care and well being
  • Negotiating with Vendors and other business associates
  • Advancing our practice and our profession

We foster a Family Environment

  • We take care of each other like family
  • We encourage personal growth and advancement within the company
  • We work as a TEAM Nothing is Not my Job
  • We take Pride in Our Company, Our Mission and Each Other