Foot or Ankle Surgery: Preparing for your Procedure

foot and ankle surgery procedures

As part of the philosophy of the Certified Foot and Ankle Specialist practice, our podiatrists and foot surgeons will first exhaust every conservative method to treat your foot or ankle condition before resorting to a more invasive approach. However, in some severe cases and when conservative options have failed, surgery may be the best treatment to provide you with relief and get you back to your normal activity. If surgery is recommended, there are a few things you can do before and after your procedure that will make the experience and your recovery much easier.

Get the Details

To better prepare for your foot or ankle surgery, our team members will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the procedure and what you can expect from beginning to end. We will discuss details of the procedure, what you need to do before and after, what recovery will be like and your post-op care. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any and all of your questions to help give you peace of mind about your upcoming foot or ankle surgery.

Proper Planning

While some cases may require scheduling your surgery immediately, you may be able to be a bit more selective with your procedure date for an in-office foot or ankle procedure. Select a date that works best in relation to your personal schedule and the schedule of your caregiver. Choosing your surgery date also gives you time to prepare in advanced. Check any chores or tasks off your list before your appointment that will be difficult to complete post-op. You should also stock up on groceries and supplies your will need after your procedure.

Home Prep

If you’re scheduled for foot or ankle surgery, you should make sure your home is prepared for your post-op needs. Stairs may be difficult to navigate after your procedure, so you may need to set up a temporary sleep and recovery space on the ground level if your bedroom is upstairs. You should also make sure everything you will need – like the remote, computer, snacks and medications – all in one location. You should also make sure you have clear paths to get around your home.

Setup Transportation

Another obstacle foot and ankle surgery patients will have to overcome is transportation. Any procedure on your right foot, ankle or leg will prevent you from driving yourself around. Make sure you have reliable transportation in place throughout your recovery so you’re not scrambling to get to around.

Work it Out

Depending on your procedure and the severity of your condition, you may need to take some time off work, especially if you work in a physically-demanding profession. Our podiatrists and foot surgeons can help determine about how long you will need for recovery before resuming your normal work activity.

At Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring your surgery runs smoothly from beginning to end. We are available to answer any questions and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey to find relief for your foot and ankle conditions

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