Dear Patients,

It’s bittersweet for me to announce my departure from private practice, as I have decided to retire.

For over 35 years, I have served the Fort Myers community with foot and ankle care. It has been my privilege and honor to care for you. I have grown to know many of you and your families quite well.

I will truly miss you. I will carry your memories with me always.

It’s important to me to make sure you are in good hands as I retire. Going forward, I’m convinced Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists will provide you with high-quality medical care, delivered by Dr. Yanine Velasquez.


Dr. Velasquez is highly-qualified, having gone through 4 years of Podiatric Medical School and an extensive 4-year residency where she was trained in all facets of foot and ankle surgery. You will find her easy to talk with, as well as caring and compassionate.

Please join me in welcoming her to our community.

I believe the practice I started so long ago will continue to provide quality foot and ankle care to the Fort Myers community. My hope is that you will continue to seek all your foot and ankle needs with the award-winning team at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Again, thank you for trusting me with your foot care over the years. It has truly been a pleasure serving you. Should you need anything, contact us anytime: (239) 278-4100.

Hal Bozof, D.P.M.

Dr Yanine M Velasquez

Dr. Velasquez is excited to partner with Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists to treat patients at our Central Fort Myers practice. As well she loves the beautiful beaches and the historic River District.

Like all of our award-winning practitioners, Dr. Velasquez is dedicated to helping patients stay on their feet so that they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

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