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Treating Your Foot & Ankle Conditions in Lake Worth

Lake worth is an area known for its history and community of caring members that work together, at Certified Foot and Ankle we are a podiatrist group that believes in those same values. The foot and ankle doctors in our clinics here have undergone training for a number of years, specializing in the most advanced conservative and surgical treatments for many orthopedic foot and ankle ailments. You can trust the physicians here to do what is ideal for each patient’s unique concerns, believing no two injuries are the same. We know foot, ankle and heel pain can be a life changing disruption that can either be a sudden, or chronic problem consistently pushed off for another day. Issues like bunions, ingrown toenails or heel pain that will not go away on their own require the aid of a foot and ankle specialist. With significantly more years in surgical training than all foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons, we are able to provide experienced and complete care.

Our Physicians

Our physicians go above and beyond to maintain foot and ankle board certification as to provide the most advance treatments available for any issue ranging from bunions to foot pain. There are multiple board certifications for foot and ankle surgery and our physicians do partake in each of these board examinations.

Certified Foot and Ankle is a group of doctors that share the same goal: to provide the best care to our patients. We do that by treating the concerns you have and to prevent others from occurring. We work hard to be fully trained in all aspects of medicine and provide excellent care in all our locations.

Our Physicians

All of our podiatrists have undergone well-rounded and in-depth training, allowing them to provide the most comprehensive care of the foot and ankle that can be tailored to each of our patient’s individual need.  No other branch of medicine is as well educated, trained and qualified to treat this area of the body.


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We have a multitude of treatment options available for our patients. The Lake Worth location has Amniofix injections, cortisone injection therapy, wound care, neuroma treatments, all foot and ankle fracture surgical and nonsurgical management, tendonitis, nail care, dermatological concerns, and fungal nail treatments plus any other concern of the lower extremity.

Who is the best Foot and Ankle Specialist in Lake Worth?

There are many doctors who treat the foot and ankle in Lake Worth. The doctors at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, and the overallpractice, focus 100% on these issues. Our clinic is the only practice in Lake Worth that provides free transportation to existing patients because we understand it can be hard to drive when your foot or ankle is injured.
We also offer in house x-rays, CT scans, MRI, Pathology, Neurology, Diagnostic Radiology for Vein treatments, and much more. Our doctors are leaders in the field, educators and innovators, in addition to be Board Certified at the highest levels.