Peripheral Neuropathy – Nerve Surgery

Many patients suffer with nerve problems in their feet, which includes pain, numbness, a burning sensation, pins and needles, and more. Relief for this type of continuous pain has been difficult to find, but the podiatrists at Certified Foot & Ankle Specialists offer the latest surgical techniques that help alleviate lower leg nerve pain for long-suffering patients.

If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, the nerves farthest away from your heart and spine are damaged and can no longer properly send signals back to your brain. The leading cause of this is diabetes, but other causes include nerve damage in the back, genetic disorders, chemotherapy, or autoimmune diseases.

Peripheral Neuropathy – Nerve Surgery

The nerve damage from peripheral neuropathy causes loss of feeling and muscle function, difficulty with balance and poor skin texture. Before now, the only available treatment options were medications, topical creams, acupuncture or physical therapy, but they didn’t solve the actual problem.

Peripheral nerve entrapment has often been overlooked by physicians who are not trained in this sub-specialized area, but our team of doctors are able to accurately diagnose and treat this condition. In most cases, these symptoms are the result of nerve entrapment and are easily treated with an outpatient surgical procedure. Much like a carpal tunnel release, the nerve is decompressed and the symptoms often disappear, with roughly 90 percent of patients experiencing pain relief and 70 percent have numbness disappear.

Peripheral Neuropathy – Nerve Surgery

If you, however, feel like you’re walking on a marble, you might suffer from a neuroma (also referred to as Morton’s Neuroma, which is easier to remedy. A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that usually develops between the third and fourth toes. It can develop from wearing shoes that are too tight, by the way you walk, and your daily activities, or if you have certain foot deformities including bunions, hammertoes, flatfeet, etc. Neuromas have almost identical symptoms as neuropathy and only your podiatrist can recognize the difference.

If you have significant nerve damage (neuropathy), this could lead to Charcot foot, which is a condition that causes the weakening of the bones in the foot. The bones are weakened enough to fracture, and, with continued walking, the foot eventually changes shape as the join continues to collapse. Because of the neuropathy, a personâ’s ability to feel temperature, pain and trauma is decreased, and patients may continue to walk, which makes the injury worse. Charcot foot is a very serious condition that can lead to severe deformity, disability and even amputation, so early diagnosis is very important. The patient can even play a vital role in preventing Charcot foot by keeping blood sugar levels under control (important for diabetic patients), getting regular checkups from a podiatrist, avoiding injury, and checking both feet every day.

Finally, my foot pain has been cured. For the past few weeks, whenever I wake up and take the first few steps, my right heel feels like I am stepping on a sharp object. After hopping around, walking with a limp, and risking further injury, I decided to visit a podiatrist for some help. I was recommended to Dr. Kyle Kinmon, as he is a board certified foot and ankle expert, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the medical complex was and happy I didn’t have to wait to be seen. Dr. Kinmon gave me a huge range of options for treatment and, after a few days of treatments, the pain went away and thankfully it has not returned. I am now pain free and happy that I went to Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, and definitely recommend them to anyone else with foot or ankle issues.

Bill S.

Dr. Kinmon at Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists is the best. Very friendly and a true professional. The entire staff was great and I was in and out quickly for a look at my right heel discomfort. Overall, the experience was pleasant with no issues whatsoever.

Stephen S.

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