Testing and Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

diabetic neuropathy treatment

A doctor can usually diagnose diabetic neuropathy by performing a physical exam. Your doctor will check your tendon reflexes, overall muscle power/strength and sensation to touch. Along with the physical exam, your doctor may perform or order specific tests to help diagnose diabetic neuropathy, such as:

  • Filament test  is performed with a soft nylon fiber (monofilament) over areas of your skin to test your sensitivity to touch.
  • Sensory testing is a non invasive test
  • Nerve conduction study will quantitatively analyze the nerves in the lower extremity and is commonly used in the diagnosis
  • EMG called electromyography and is usually performed in conjunction with nerve conduction study

In the right patient our doctors can reverse the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in many cases. The goals of treatment is to slow down the progression, alleviate any discomfort and restore function when possible. Read about routine Diabetic Foot Care. The goals of treatment is to slow down the progression, alleviate any discomfort and restore function when possible.

Slowing progression of the disease is achieved by consistently keeping your blood sugar within your target range to prevent or delay nerve damage. Good blood sugar management may even improve some of your current symptoms. 

Relieving pain may be achieved with prescription medications that are available for diabetes-related nerve pain, but they don’t work for everyone, especially due to side effects. Pain-relieving prescription treatments may include anti-seizure and antidepressants

Nutritional Support with NeuRemedy

NeuRemedy is specially formulated to meet the increased nutritional requirements that accompany aging of the nerves in the feet and legs. This nutritional balance helps prevent the numbness, burning, tingling and pain associated with neuropathy

NeuRemedy is a proprietary formulation created by a physician and dispensed by physicians to support the nerve cells in the feet and legs. NeuRemedy supports healthy nerve function in the feet and leg by nourishing the nerves. NueRemedy has been used around  the globe for 50 years and now in the United States the last 10 years

At Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists we stress these tips that must be followed if diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy

  • Blood sugar must be well controlled
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms 
  • Perform daily foot self-checks
  • Be proactive with foot care, NEVER go barefoot
  • Promote no smoking due to increased risk factors.
  • Non invasive vascular and nerve testing
  • Nutritional support is mandatory, NeuRemedy 

Talk to your Certified Foot Specialist today to find out more information on treatment and testing for diabetic neuropathy.

By Dr. Stephen Kushner, DPM

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