What are the Benefits of Stem Cells?

Benefits of Stem Cells - Organic Regenerative Medicine Platelet Rich Plasma PRP and Stem

By Dr. Kyle Kinmon

Simply put, stem cells greatly accelerate your body’s ability to heal and repair damaged tissues, thus providing relief without surgery!

Stem Cells are cells within the body that have the remarkable capability of multiplying and dividing into different tissue types during early life and growth. Additionally, in many tissues, stem cells serve as an internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit. These cells have the potential to either remain a stem cell, or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, red blood cell or brain cell.

We have a varying number of different types of stem cells that are located in different tissues in our bodies, such as bone marrow and fat. Mesenchymal stem cells, which are the type that can differentiate into tissues such as bone, tendon and muscle, can be harvested from your own body and can be very painful. Podiatrists, therefore prefer another source: amniotic membrane. This is a human tissue that consistently contains high numbers of mesenchymal stem cells. These tissues possess properties that are extremely anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and non-immunogenic, and result in the replacement of normal tissue as opposed to scar tissue.

Amniotic membrane transplant tissue is collected from (thoroughly screened) donor mother’s placentas at the time of c-section deliveries. The stem cell and stem cell products, including chemical messengers, proteins and scaffolding for healing, are then separated from the placentas, processed and preserved. This material is then injected into sites of chronic tissue damage, where it stimulates the body to heal those damaged tissues. The results have been amazing!

Active adults who have been suffering with painful, chronic, degenerative conditions have seen major improvements, and most within days after the first injection. Stem cells also provide greater relief than Cortisone, which provides temporary relief of inflammation but is also detrimental to healing.

While stem cells offer a wonderful solution for many patients, it is important to note that stem cells, amniotic membrane treatment and/or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are not the best treatment options for every patient or every condition. It is very important to discuss all treatment options with your physician, who is highly and thoroughly trained in, and offers, all forms of treatment for your condition.

The podiatrists at Certified Foot & Ankle Specialists are board-certified foot and ankle surgeons who are trained and experienced in all forms of conservative treatment, including regenerative medicine, so that they can provide the best, long term option for each patient.