Coconut Creek Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg Care

Coconut Creek Foot and Ankle Leg Care

We bring the absolute best podiatric doctors when searching for “coconut creek foot care”. As the Butterfly Capital of the World, you can bet Coconut Creek is brimming with natural beauty. Located between Coral Springs and Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek gives visitors and residents access to a unique environment with an abundance of waterways, parks, trees and butterfly gardens nestles throughout the city’s neighborhoods.

The one-of-a-kind South Florida city is also home to a one-of-a-kind podiatry practice: Certified Foot & Ankle Specialists. Our practice, which is the largest in South East Florida, is comprised of board-certified podiatrists and surgeons bringing world-class foot and ankle care to the diverse city of Coconut Creek.

Comprehensive Lower Extremity Care For Coconut Creek Foot Care

When you make an appointment with the team at Certified Foot & Ankle Specialists, you can rest assured knowing all of your foot, ankle and lower leg issues will be treated with care, attention and expertise all in one place. Our advanced, in-house diagnostics allow our podiatrists and surgeons to quickly and effectively diagnose any condition impacting you below the knee. With direct access to services such as pathology, neurology and diagnostic radiology, we are able to figure out what the issue is and implement a responsive treatment plan to help get you back on your feet. Our West Palm Beach team members work hand in hand to provide the best care possible for every condition we encounter.

Personalized Attention From Expert Team

Every patient who walks through our door receives personalized and comprehensive care from every team member. Dr. Shawn Norris heads the office where he specializes in foot and ankle wounds, reconstructive surgery, pediatric orthopedics and diabetic limb salvage. When he is not providing foot and ankle care to patients in Coconut Creek, Dr. Norris spends his time in surgery and training the next generation of foot and ankle surgeons as an attending at Northwest Medical Center.

We Go Above & Beyond

Our patients are the most important part of our practice, which is why we ensure they are healthy and happy from their first appointment to their follow up exams. We do this by offering unique services to help get them back on their feet as quickly and as easily as possible. When you have a hurt foot or ankle, getting to and from your podiatrist appointment may be painful. We also have a doctor on call 24/7, and have after-hours appointments and emergency services to address any issue the moment it arises.

When you need foot and ankle care in Coconut Creek, don’t settle for anything less than the best! Make an appointment with our team today so we can get you back on your feet tomorrow. 1-855-550-FEET

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