Get the Foot Facts: 3 Myths Podiatrists Commonly Hear

Foot Facts 3 Myths Podiatrists Commonly Hear

Optimum overall foot health starts with patient education. By understanding the risks your feet face daily and what you should do if issues arise, you can make a major difference in the treatment and heeling processes for any condition impacting your lower extremities. However, the foot care information you may hear from friends or find online isn’t always accurate. In order to best treat you feet, you need to have all the facts and know what is a myth.

Here are three of the most common myths about foot care:

Going Barefoot is Beneficial to Your Feet

While you may think exposing your lower extremities to the elements is a healthy habit, it turns out that going barefoot may be doing more harm than good. When you don’t have any shoes or socks on to protect your feet from outside factors, you’re more likely to get a cut or scrap, or develop a fungal infection. If these problems are not properly addressed, or you have poor blood flow from a medical condition like diabetes, an infection or wound that doesn’t heel may lead to gangrene and possibly amputation.

Instead of dealing with the consequences of going barefoot, always wear socks or shoes when you venture outside. You may even consider wearing slippers or house shoes when you are just hanging around your home

Treat Your Broken Toe at Home

If you have ever broken a toe, you may have heard your friends or family say there is no need to see the podiatrist because there is nothing a doctor can do for the problem. Well, whoever told you that is wrong and they are putting your health at risk. A toe that doesn’t heal properly could cause major problems with walking or wearing certain shoes down the road.

If you break your toe, or think you did, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist who can determine the right treatment method to prevent any future problems related to the fracture.

Pain is Normal with Aging

For some reason people have it in their heads that foot aches and pains are just a normal part of the aging process. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Any pain you experience, whether in your lower extremities or another part of your body, is not normal and should be evaluated by a doctor to determine the cause and provide proper treatment.

If you have noticed new pain in your toes, feet, ankles or lower legs, make an appointment with our podiatrists to prevent a small problem from becoming a major issue.

At Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, our board-certified podiatrists have heard it all when it what people think is right about their foot care. That’s why we make it a mission to spread awareness and accurate information about taking care of your toes, feet, ankles and legs by educating all of our patients on how to best care for and prevent any lower extremity issue. If you have any questions about the health of your feet and what actions you should take if you’re having any problems, don’t hesitate to give our practice a call. Our staff will advise you on the proper steps to take so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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