5 Foot Care Secrets from a Podiatrist


There is so much information out there related to your foot care and health, it’s hard to know what you should and should not be doing. At Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, we want to make things simple for you. Here are 5 foot care secrets to keep your feet healthy and you happy!

Be Careful of Pedicures

Everyone loves to be pampered, but some of your favorite beauty practices may be posing a risk to your health. While a relaxing pedicure can do wonders for the look and feel of your feet, it can also lead to an infection. If you have a small cut, it is easy to pick up a bacterial or fungal infection from the shared spaces and tools. Instead of hitting the salon for your next pedi, try giving yourself one at home. Not only does this prevent you from getting an infection, it also saves you time and money. If you don’t have a steady hand, pick a trusted salon that you’re sure sterilizes the tools.

Custom Over-the-Counter Orthotics Aren’t Worth It

Besides providing some additional padding and arch support, the custom orthotics you get at your local drug store aren’t doing much to treat your individual problem and correct any biomechanics affecting the way you walk. Custom therapeutic footwear you get from a podiatrist’s office are made from a mold of your feet. This allows the orthotics to be tailored to your specific foot problem.

High Heels on Occasion

Whether for work or play, high heels are a popular shoe choice for a lot of women. However, it is because of this fashionable footwear that women often have more foot pain and problems then men. Bunions, hammertoes, sprained ankles and even back pain are all common problems that can be caused by your favorite pair of stilettos. While you don’t have to give up your high-heels entirely, you should try to limit how often and how long you wear them for because of how little support they offer.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

In addition to drinking plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated, you should also apply lotion daily to combat dry skin. If your skin does dry out, you risk breakage and damage. Any breakdown in your skin could lead to an infection. If you do not seek proper treatment for an infection in it’s early stages, you may develop gangrene which requires amputation to treat.

At-Home Treatments

As your body’s foundation, your feet go through a lot on a daily basis. While chronic pain, infections, sores and fungi should be diagnosed and treated by a podiatrist, minor problems can often be treated at home. If you were on your feet more than normal, rest and an ice-pack should provide you with some relief. For small injuries, such as a blister or stubbed toe, a bandage and an over-the-counter pain pill should do the trick.

At Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, we are happy to share some secrets for proper foot care with our patients to get them back on their feet. If you’re dealing with a foot or ankle problem and haven’t found relief, make an appointment at one of our multiple locations from Ft. Lauderdale to Palm City! 1-855-550-FEET