Award Winning Vein Specialist

Dr. Liza Eden Giammaria

Dr. Liza Eden Giammaria is a leading Vein Specialist practicing in Fort Lauderdale, FL at our Imperial Point location. Dr. Eden has been recognized for her treatment of conditions including: varicose veins, spider veins, and even offers other venous procedures and cosmetic services.

Dr. Eden Giammaria is well known in her profession through many national and international medical associations and societies. Her areas of expertise include options for treatment of varicose veins, as well Dr. Eden can provide an array of cosmetic treatment options for complications below the waist.

Doctor Liza Eden Giammaria, Vein Specialist in Fort Lauderdale

A Passion for Excellence in Vein Care

Dr. Eden Giammaria’s mission and core goal is delivering every patient the highest caliber of treatment through personalized care. Her superior focus, skills, experience, and ability to communicate clearly and effectively with speakers of other languages than English continues her solid record of achieving successful patient outcomes.

Patients praise Dr. Eden’s wholesome and tailored approach to treatment for each patient in ways familiar to them and their condition(s). This specific response involves explaining realistic expectations in a comfortable manner, and utilizing a laser-focused plan that is customized for individual needs and goals.


Dr. Eden Giammaria is a recognized leader in her field. She holds multiple leadership roles on professional medical associations, medical societies and advisory committees. Dr. Eden Giammaria has been the recipient of numerous awards for her services to her medical communities, patients and industry.

She has been recognized for the cutting-edge study, “Video games and Laparoscopic Surgery”, via news reviews and press conferences including: The Associated Press, CNN Headline News, New York Daily News, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, ABC News, Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and